Accelerate Your Business Growth

Client success is our utmost priority, and we value trust and respect in all our interactions. With a team of highly skilled professionals and extensive experience, we deliver optimal solutions tailored to meet our clients’ needs. We continuously adapt to an evolving business landscape, striving to be the partner that helps build our clients’ success.

Take Your Business in Japan To The Next Level

Growth Partners is a specialized firm dedicated to assisting businesses in establishing their presence in Japan. The Japanese business environment can be complex and diverse, posing numerous challenges, especially for foreign individuals or entities due to language barriers and different regulations. We are committed to overcoming these challenges and providing full support to ensure our clients’ success.

Support for applying residency status in Japan

To conduct business in Japan, appropriate residency status is essential. We have a team of experienced professionals who expedite and streamline the processes of acquiring, renewing, or changing residency status.

Assistance with company establishment

Starting a business in Japan necessitates proper company formation. We offer tailored solutions to determine the ideal corporate structure and provide comprehensive support throughout the establishment process.

Financial Support

Sustained business growth and project implementation often require funding. Our team assists with grant applications and funding sourcing to support our clients’ sustainable business development.

Support for startup in Japan

Japan presents numerous business opportunities, but cultural and business practice differences can pose challenges. Leveraging our local expertise, we provide guidance and support to ensure successful business ventures in Japan.